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Click2Pay is a money transfer system based in Germany whose activities are regulated by German law with the governing body being the Munich I regional court.

To get started with Click2Pay all one has to do is the following: Log on once, at which time one will supply one’s email address, banking connection, and credit card details, and where applicable, the value added service number. Once this has been accomplished the customer will be issued a password and account number.

One can use this service to purchase goods and services by the use of the Click2pay system almost any place in the world. There are some countries that Click2Pay does not operate in. The personal information provided to Clik2Pay, in some cases, may be transferred to the vendor; otherwise the information remains confidential; of course one has to maintain a positive balance on the credit card account. There is a rating system given in stars, sort of like a ten scale but in stars and only on a six scale, one being the lowest and six the highest. Sort of like one’s credit score maintained by the credit bureau. Click2pay does not just accept one’s word that the information provided is true, they validate all information given; it is mandatory that any subscriber to this service immediately supply Clic2Pay information to any changes to the data given at the time of subscription.

Click2Pay is a convenient service one can use at anytime to send and receive money online.

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